looking for foam in N. Cali.

Anyone live in northern california, specifically near sacramento? I can’t seem to find a high-density yellow (10 lb.) foam, for sculpting a model.

I would sure hate to drive the 100 miles to the only supplier I could locate, and then 100 miles back, just for a block of foam.

I’ve tried calling various craft stores (ie. Michael’s), Tap Plastics, Boat supply store (West Marine), hobby shops, art supply stores, searched on line, even called Balsa-foam, directly. No luck.


Do you have to drive? Or can you order it?

There’s a place in Washington State…I think its called Custom Plastic. I can’t remember 100% and I am not at the office.

I was looking for something within the next day or two, so local would be better. After an extensive search, it looks like there is no 10lb. yellow in this area, according to local suppliers. But I’ll make do with some lighter stuff I’ve found.

By all means, if you know of a good online or mail order site, let me know. I can always use them in the future!


It was General Plastics, not Custom…That would explain why I couldn’t find them in a quick search :wink:

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