Looking For Feedback

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post in this forum. I’m currently a second year student in Industrial Design at AAU.

I’m here to learn new sketching techniques as well as improving my skills. Please share your thoughts on my work.

Sketch #1

Thought of sketching my new Nike Zoom before wearing it :smiley:

Sketch #2

I saw this sigma camera during my trip to Japan. I’m intrigued by electronics, especially cameras, and I was in Japan so I had to visit some of the electronic stores in Tokyo. I came across this model in one of the stores. I liked this model not only because its a compact portray cameras but also because the design is very unique compared to other camera in the same segment.

Sketch #3

I like that you are posting frequently, Sumistha_Das. A high level of volume is necessary to improve. Try to sketch every day for at least 1 hour.

Hi Yo,

Thanks for the feedback. Here are a few sketches that I did in last couple of days. Does these sketches have enough volume?

Headphone, underlay and overlay with full render

With white prism color pencil I tried to indicate metal texture on the headphone. Can anyone comment is this looking right?

What time of metal finish is it? Matte black finish, stainless steel, chrome?

Hi Sumistha,

For a 2nd year BA student I will say you are very good at sketching. The way to get good at this is to keep doing more of them, repeating and improving every time. Your colored pencil sketches are very good, keep working on the details. It is when the eye focuses and the sketch still looks realistic it becomes a very powerful sketch. Because the eye has a fairly small area of focus, adding only a few very sharp details, highlights, material indications, will make the sketch look more realistic. I can’t tell that there is metal in the sketch, if it is a black chrome or piano black high-gloss plastic. I have no experience drawing black chrome but because it will absorb less of the color relative to black paint I imagine that it will work to add a hint of a cold color in parts where it will reflect the sky (say a Pantone 7672) and a warm color like a light mars red or sand color for the ground reflections. The line drawings in your third post are very expressive, and because of the perspective the shapes are well readable. A lot of your other sketches appear quite flat. Keep posting!

Black metal finish but looks like I could communicate with rendering :neutral_face:

Thank you so much for detailed feedback. Everyday I’m trying to learn something new and trying my hands on material rendering.

Posting one more headphone drawing, please take a look at it and critic.


Tried drawing Beats headphone

Did freehand underlay. Used ellipse guide for overlay

Nice, you got the chrome down to a T. I see no problems here.

Thanks. Posting a hand vacuum cleaner drawing, please take a look. The body is plastic

Hand Vacuum Cleaner. Plastic body.

Not bad. A few things to think about. Should the handle be larger in comparison to the body or perhaps the body slimmer? Is the dark area a compartment for debris? How might it come off? Can it be simplified? Vacuums are often around a lot of dust and dirt so every nook and cranny is a dirt trap.

Good progress. A few black areas on that chrome come out of nowhere, but it communicates. Try adding at least a little bit of a cold hue in the top reflections, and add a few sharp highlights with something like a gouache or, for a last resort use a correction pen.

Next can be working in some color into the drop shadow and have that reflect in the chrome as well.
Keep working on getting your overall contrast right as well as getting your ellipses more accurate.

Thanks Yo,
I made the handle a little bigger and the reduced the vacuum hose size a little bit. Also added an opening slot to the debris compartment.

But Im still thinking how to simplify the drawing? Also I’m not very clear on your last statement about every nook and cranny is a dirt trap


Hi Everyone,

I always thought about designing health shoes for women of my mom’s age (age group from 40s to 60s), so this summer break I have taken up this as my personal project. The goal is to come up with a few designs that most Indian women in that age group would love to wear with saree or salwar (both Indian attires) and for everyday walk.

Project Name: Walking Shoes for Indian women

Problem: The current health shoes that are available in the market are either athletic shoes or casual shoes. The athletic shoes while work great for walking, don’t look good at all with Indian attires (picture attached) and also could be difficult to wear for women of that age group as they have to bend down to tie the shoelace. On the other hand, casual health shoes while very easy to wear, don’t have enough support or have high heels which are not helpful for walking or lack in aesthetics.

Solution: In my design I have tried to combine the goodness of athletic shoes and the ease of casual sandals. Indian women in that age group still prefer to wear slip-on sandals, hence I have tried to keep that concept in my designs. I kept the designs simple so women can wear them quickly and comfortably. Eliminated lace because it may require them to bend down to tie their shoes. Also tried to incorporate some modern Indian prints so it will be attractive to women of that age group and can meet both their lifestyle requirements and their everyday walking needs.

Age Group: 40-65

Before I render these sketches and make paper and fabric prototypes, I would like to get some feedback on the designs. Would really appreciate your inputs on the concept, quality of work, and also things I could improve on.

The athletic shoes while work great for walking, don’t look good at all with Indian attires (picture attached) and also could be difficult to wear for women of that age group as they have to bend down to tie the shoelace.

Focusing on line weight today. Also trying to improve my cross hatching. For a change I came to library today to sketch.