Looking for feedback.

Hi, I’m a junior at the University of Cincinnati and am currently looking for a winter co-op. I just finished refreshing my portfolio and would love to get some feedback.

Thanks in advance.
Zach Darmanian-Harris


Erm well my own opinion is that firstly its 32 pages long, and of those 32 pages there isn’t much on on them. You could put most of those projects on a couple of pages. I got really bored constantly clicking through pages when there wasnt a great deal on them.

Just as a thing to remember as i have seen this happen whilst on placement, people who look at folio’s litterally do spend 5 minutes flicking through and if it doesn’t grab there attention it goes straight in the bin. At the place i was at we got well over 100folios from students and it took us a whole day to sift through them all write replies and set up interviews, and each folio was litterally looked at for a total of 5-10 minutes, and we had two piles, one’s to keep which we kept on the table (i think we kept about 10) and the other pile was put in the bin.

So i would say 32 pages is far to long unless it is pure dynamite stuff, look at Lufbrasketch’s as a recent example of how to do a folio well.

Thanks for the feedback. It made me realize that my pdf did not export from indesign with a facing pages preset it should be 15 pages with a cover and a Thank you page. Does anyone know if there is a way to embed those preferences into a .pdf? For now I will just make an indesign file with a double wide file size. Thanks again hopefully this will help.

got to agree. 32 pages, lots of them with stock photos and a few sentences it’s not that captivating.

you do have some nice work in there but i doubt many would make it through the whole thing to be effective enough…

I’d think you could very easily compress it to 10-15 pages max.

even if you do double wide page, i still think it would be too much space per project. you have some nice sketches but could combine them more densely and add some of the intro stuff to those pages as well, as it is likely it won’t get read anyways so no need to devote a full page to it.

as usual i’d also say to include more sketching. it’s an important skill especially for someone at your level. the lighting project has no sketches and the pen project has minimal sketchwork.


In indesign, when you export the PDF, in the “export adobe pdf” dialogue box, check the “export spreads” box under “pages” this will do what you want.

Still, I think that this portfolio could be 10 pages(not spreads). (1 cover, 2-3 pages for each project, and 1 resume/thank you page) really keep it short and sweet. If you want to expand each project for the interview, that’s fine. Right now, there is not enough information on each page to stand alone and hold your viewer’s interest.