Looking for Feedback

I’m applying for internships in Industrial Design so I can gain experience in the field before going to graduate school… If you read the “Motivation” section, my situation should make more sense.

In any case, I’m looking for some feedback on my portfolio:



Nice simple navigation. It kind of bugs me that the image sizes jump around a bit, pushing the text of the page sometimes…

How did you go from Paris to Colorado College?
Are you going back to school for Design or trying to get straight into a design job?

When you talk about image size, you mean in the individual sections? I use a quite large resolution, and thus don’t notice these problems - I’m not sure what I can do to address them without compromising the quality of the pictures.

I was looking for a liberal arts college in the US (was tired of the French education system) and wanted to be close to family or friends so that reduced my choices to California or Colorado.

I’m looking for an internship to gain a bit of experience before I go into grad school. I think it will help with my applications as well, since there is no major in design at Colorado College.