Looking for Feedback on this Pillow

So I just finished this design of a travel pillow. It has an emphasis on sustainable design and uses Cradle to Cradle materials. Let me know your thoughts on ways I can improve this design and what parts of it are working! :smiley:


Hi Peter! I like the fact that you’re focusing on a sustainability aspect, and I think alot of the information is great! However, I really just see a standard, existing archetype with new materials applied. I think if you could take the innovative materials and make a more interesting design, this could be a really cool project!

I think your material story is strong, but as AVClub mentioned the design needs work. At the moment, other than having marketing on the package there is nothing that makes this pillow stand out.

There is a lot that can be improved in the ergonomics of today’s U-shaped pillows (I am familiar with this category as I have designed a few recently). Think about how the user wears these, are there hot spots that design can help minimize (other than perf holes in the foam), really look at how the user interacts with these, and think of problems they might have. Be sure to not just put one on your neck while sitting at your desk, but sit in your car (somehting as close to an airplane seat as you can get) so you can see how it feels in a seat that has a head rest. Also have a few people who are different heights try any samples you might have.
I found a highly rated pillow that a colleague loved was horribly uncomfortable for me, because I’m taller and the headrest of the seat interferes with where the pillow sits on me.

I think if you give the form as much thought as you gave the materials you’d have a great project.

Agree with both comments above.

Brutally honest here:
Nice research project on materials. But finding recyclable materials only takes a couple of hours.
Aluminum is recyclable but why are you using aluminum? Couldn’t you find a better recyclable material?
Your reutilization Cycle and Business model are very generic to do anything with them. These business models are almost useless if you don’t have numbers that go with them. How much will your pillow cost? How much will it cost you to take back all those products? Who’s paying for shipping to and from? Are you going to recycle the buttons in house (recycle or re-use)…

How about some design work on the pillow?

Sorry to pile on, but when I read hypoallergenic latex, I don’t believe you. FDA will not allow it on medical devices for the reason that it isn’t true, what is there to believe it isn’t marketing hype. And if that is marketing hype, how do I know your cradle to cradle isn’t also marketing hype?

This pillow is awesome :slight_smile: and i am writing this comment 3 times and this is not going to post i dont know what’s the reason behind, some forums sucks

Thanks everyone for the feedback! This is definitely enough to get started on edits so I do appreciate it. I was unaware of that FDA information so thank you for bringing that to my attention, I still have a lot to learn.

What happens to the sustainability aspect if I throw in in the normal trash when I’m done with it?

Some points to consider:
-You’ve assumed that the average consumer of this product is going to return it for recycling at the end of the products’ life. How do you know this?
-What happens to the materials that are not biodegradable if this is not recycled and does end up in landfill?
-Why is this pillow different to existing products made with similar materials? Could an existing neck pillow made from foam/latex not also be broken down into materials for construction?

Yes if we really want to be pushing the cushion you need to go more in-depth with this project and while not design-heavy, research all other aspects of the project until you have a well rounded story.
I am also wondering:

  • Is cradle-to-cradle really a unique selling point for your target market and not just a nice-to-have? Design and functionality are what makes a product unique as well.
  • Aluminum buttons are relatively expensive and they will pop off when used, especially where people are sleeping and making unconscious neck movements such as in airplanes with bored kids around for whom the buttons present a major choking hazard.
    Recently I have seen solutions such as magnetic strips in the wearables space. I believe Adidas is implementing these now. While not necessarily recycling, it is even more cradle-to-cradle if those strips are attractive enough to take out of the product and use in say, your own clothing. I know I would. It is a matter of generating a powerful story around your product that attracts people’s interest and making them act on it.