Looking for feedback on my site redesign...

I restructured my site to minimize clicks-to-image and to minimize pop-ups.
What do you think, does it help?

I find things that need to be tweaked every time I look at it.
Any thoughts on it as a whole?


Thanks for the feedback…

I hate your scrolling art window.

As a potential employer I want to be able to come to your site and see your work in a quick overview. Think thumbnails not flashy flash stuff. Especially as a cold call type of review of your portfolio, you have a maximum of 1 - 2 minutes to impress me. If something hasn’t caught my eye in about 30 seconds I am gone.

You have some good drawings in there (mind you I only saw about 2 or 3 of them because of your scrolling window). You would do yourself a favor by giving me something that I can click through 5 - 10 of your images in 30 to 60 seconds.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your opinion…
I am looking for ways to display work w/o making the user scroll.
What would you suggest instead?

How do you get people to click through your site?
After 5 clicks, the user only sees 5 product shots and nothing shows anything definitive. Am I missing the oneoakdesign portfolio/case study link?

You’re not seeing anything on our site at the moment b/c I am in the process of redesigning it.

What I intend on having is a series of thumbnail images that bring up a larger image in the main window using javascript.

A system where the user can get a good overview of everything that can be displayed by looking at the thumbnails and then get more information when they click on an item that catches their eye.

ha, snarky!

I am looking for ways to display work w/o making the user scroll.
What would you suggest instead?

The web has conventions that users are VERY accustomed to. Vertical scrolling. clicking, menu bars, etc. When you intentionally break out of these conventions, it should be for a good reason, which then becomes part of your message, otherwise it is a distraction.

The function of your portfolio should be about delivery of information: your skills through samples of your work.

The nutshell: When you hamper the effectiveness of your communication by straying from conventions without good reason (in this case, frustrating the user) then it reflects badly on you as a designer. We communicate ideas, after all.

Alright, enough with that, it’s a minor part of your site.

I think that using simpleviewer is a good choice, I’ve worked with it before. I’ll assume you’re happy with this in my crit:

I would suggest structuring your site like your “excursions” section, with a thumbnail index on your home page. Use larger, eye catching images for your thumbnails that relate to what is in each gallery below. Your portfolio subsections (sketches, 2d, 3d) at times blend together, some of the images aren’t strong enough to stand alone as they seem to be bits and pieces of projects. If you have a few strong projects with sketches, models, renderings consider organizing these into standalone galleries (3-5 is plenty) in addition to the general disciplines.

I think the graphic layout of the site is weak and would reduce visual clutter. Your images are competing with the blue/orange/gradient/stripe layout. If you have a friend who is a graphic designer, maybe get some help, otherwise simplify. The child pages with the simpleviewer galleries aren’t bad, clean up the header and you’d be much better. Use this for your hompage too, with a simple horiztonal menu bar at the top.

Last, your contact info is an image (I understand why). It looks fuzzy and I would limit it to an email, maybe cite your region. This is unless you are a business with a business address/number.

Thanks for the the thoughtful comments, bennybtl

I’ve decided to go with one static image on the main page, which I will link to a gallery when I have another moment.

Already a great improvement.

Call me snarky…its true. But the fact of the matter is that you have a very short period of time to catch peoples attention. In a world where there are a LOT of very competent designers you have to be able to distinguish in a very short amount of time. The web is ripe with people like myself that have a very short attention span and little to no patience for things that might be “cool” but waste my time.

Other subtle things I notice about your site is resolution of graphics, etc. Some of the text is a bit blurry. Little fussy things, but make the difference for me when I look at two portfolio sites that might be similar in quality from a portfolio perspective.

Others may look at it in another manner, but for me I look at all aspects of your presentation. Colors chosen, logo design, everything. Its your gateway into your world of design.

I was calling ren3of3 snarky, i started my reply before your reply was posted! It’s a compliment either way.

Dan, that little bit makes a difference.

Drat…I liked being called snarky.

I’ve overhauled the way the images display for the galleries and how you see the content links when the page first pops up.
I have a couple pages to transition yet, but think the whole thing works better now.

Thanks for the comments thus far. As you can see, they’ve had an impact.

Anyone else care to chime in?

Wow dan, so much better! Are you happy with it?

Yeah, I am.

The main thing is that I learned a ton about css this time around. That helped me adapt my layout so I can easily update my layout and nav structure in the future.

That, and I also realized how handy the simpleviewer plugin for PS can be.

My only other caveat is that I wish I could show all that I do.
I don’t know how to visually portray project management and development planning. (And I don’t have the autonomy to mind-map the “propriatry development process” that private licensing firms all seem to have.)

Oh well, pretty pictures will have to work for now.


A bit persnickety, but on you about page every paragraph starts with either an “I” or “My”…

Didn’t see a resume?