Looking for evening classes or similar solution

Hi All,

i’m a bit stuck, as I’ve already started working in IT and have a good job and salary - except that Design is a passion which will gnaw at me for years on end if I don’t end up working in this field.

So… the big question is, how can I carry on working with 5 weeks of holidays a year and a 8 1/4 hrs /day job in Switzerland near Geneva and nevertheless get some good schooling in design (more furniture and utilitarian) to end up working as a fulltime designer in the not-so-distant future? I’ve been doing ceramics for some time now, creating lamp, cups and bowls and so on.

I’ve already thought of the Open University but I’ve found I’m more of a practical person as opposed to just learning pages and pages of theory - I need the combination of theory and practice.

Thanks for your help - all suggestions are most welcome :smiley:

Best luck dude I am in same boat with you…