Looking for encouraging advice on job hunting.

Can anybody tell if hunting for a job outside of the State you live in a more challenging task then looking for a job in the state you live in? Or does it matter at all? :confused:

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…if by hunting you mean finding…i’ve only had three job hunting experiences in my career and didn’t find work in the same state i was living either time…the other times they found me when i wasn’t really hunting and these were not in the same state either…so i would have to say that finding a job in the state where you live is more of a challenge in that regard…if you really mean hunting…then in state is less challenging for obvious reasons…if you post your state there may be others here who can help with your in state networking…assuming you would rather stay in state…if not most any other state is represented here as well…

Could you possible elaboate on your question a bit more please?


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it all depends on which state you live in. If you’re in Hawaii or Kansas it will be harder to find a job in state. If you’re in California or New York it will be easier.