Looking for designer

We are the manufactor in furniture. And we need to work with some designer on developping new models for next furniture show. If someonw feels insteresting, just feel free contact us. Hopes below website can bring some idea on what we are: www.harmoniousspace.com. [/quote]

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It’s because Samuelgin put a . (‘dot’) after the com.

Sorry to make this stupid problem on the website. There is no dot at last word. By the way, is there someone visit Milan show this time?

Hi! We go to Milan show (as well as Cologne) every year. Do you need a Chinese domestic designer or a foreign designer? We have designers for both as recommendations for you. I can send you some photos of their design style for you to review before you make any decision.

Send me your e-mail address as a private message here, please.

Hi, Phone. What do you think about the show in Milan this time? is there any innovation there?

Sure! It’s an interesting and exciting trip there!

Due to visa problem, i could not be there for the show. Can you show me some image or your comments for sharing your exciting?

Has anyone else had problems with this guy. I sent him work, we discussed a price, and I never heard back. Keeps you eyes out.

HAHAHA… Interesting! :smiley:

this list for some of my Friends :laughing:

furniture designer

And you can ask my closest friends too

But be careful to make them mad