Looking for design manager job in china

I’m a design director approach mobil phone design, now I want to looking for a new job in china.

Confidence-inspiring link

Ah…why do you post my coroflot link and ask people for opinion for working in China???
I can give you tips if you want to know more!
especailly so many manufacture now are in China, if you speak Mandarin, and has at least 5 years experience on industrial design, you are already consider a manager level. Talented designer are in great need right now.

I think that link automatically goes to the viewers own site, it did to mine. Didn’t see Emily’s. Very strange.

Not strange. The first and third person are most likely the same and is someone too stupid to realize that the link is bad!

good… cuz it did to mine too!

sorry for the wrong link.The correct link is:henry li in beijing, China

pretty sure you can use www.coroflot.com/mannadesign or whatever your login is. much simpler. and will be easier to put in an email.

what you know. that works. surprise to me.