Looking for Design consultancy...

an in-house ID team of an global corporation is looking for design consultancy service dealing with professional IT technology product line development. Main market share is in Europe. Not looking for ‘styling’ work for single product, but more to do with Product Identity, brand value placement, and market trend research. Any good suggestions?
Ziba is one of the first to pop into my mind…



design continuum deals with brand id, and future trend quite a bit.

Herbst Lazar Bell in Chicago does that now. They have developed new tools specifically to deal with market reasearch regarding product development.

There is a white paper you can get from them entilted: Future Forecasts written by their Director of Strategic Design: (scroll to the bottom) http://www.hlb.com/_reports/ThoughtLeadership.html

cool! thanx for the info!

any other consultancy that is capable of proper research?


IA Collaborative with Kathleen Brandenburg - research and products

www.sylverconsulting.com is research oriented

both firms are by Institute of Design alumni

also Cordy Swope’s normal life in Germany / USA


I believe Kieth Yamashita is doing a lot of that sort of thing for tech companies in San Francisco (HP and Apple).


thank you guys for the input, really appreciated.
our design unit is also looking for European design consultancies since our brand is most recognized in Europe, anyone has any ideas?

thanx in advnace

some in germany:

So isn’t the guy at HLB