Looking for consumer product accessories

I’m looking in particular for a shoulder strap for a product I’m creating, but can’t find a “general store” of sorts for this type of product. I’m looking for a strap and panel mount studs. The connection mechanism would be perfect if it was like the overalls I wore when I was a kid (read Osh Kosh). What I’m looking for are one-stop-shops for handles, straps, etc. so I don’t have to design EVERYTHING or search the entire web for an off-the-shelf-item.

Usually I can find a latch I need or something else, but there is never a single place that has all this type of hardware. Anyone got any sites?

woops! I’ll be posting this in the Consumer Products section.

Sorry for the mistake

What sort of product are you creating? And what’s the strap for? Any sketches or drawings about your design?

It would be wise to have one manufacturer do the complete product, despite how many sub-manufacturer(s ) involved in this development.