Looking for Biomorphic Modeling Software

Hello board,

Does anyone here know about the kind of software that is used by designers like Daniel Widrig or Neri Oxman for example? (danielwidrig.com)

I’m looking to use and get familiar with a parametric software that can allow me to design or model shapes that have a biomorphic look to them, from very biologic (N. Oxman) to semi-biologic (D. Widrig/Zaha Hadid)). I’ve looked online, but cannot seem to find anything relevant. Maybe parametric software is not the right name, I’m not sure, but I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a softwware that allows to model such shapes.

If they use conventional software like Rhino or Alias or Maya, are there tutorials onto how to model these shapes and forms?

I’m not sure where to begin. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.


Grasshopper for Rhino is popular - it’s algorithm driven 3D.

Maya also has some similar abilities because you can do MEL scripting to generate geometry, but I haven’t played with any of that recently.

Grasshopper is probably the best place to start. Keep in mind they aren’t really being “modeled” most of these are the results of experimentation from plugging in different inputs and outputs to generate shapes.