Looking for advice on studying ID

Hi, I am new to this forum, I am going back to school after years away in order to finish my bachelors degree… I have been looking into industrial design and think it may be for me. I am currently at City College in New York. All the schools i see which offer ID degrees seem to be very expensive. The question is really, should I finish my BA at City College and try to get into a graduate program, or should I try to transfer into somewhere like Pratt or Parsons? I am looking at the cost of school, but also the possibilities for landing a job upon completion. Also from searching online, it seems as though ID’ers can make a reasonable amount of money with a BA, and are in fairly high demand… is that true? and lastly… which skill sets are most important to have? Any ideas would be very welcome. ( I apologize for such a huge post with so many parts, but I am a bit confused) thanks…

Welcome to the c77 discussion boards. Surf around and check out what has already been posted, there are a lot of answers logged into these forums.

Private design education in NYC is going to be expensive. There are many less expensive schools elsewhere in the country.

If you know you want to be an industrial designer, I’d transfer ASAP.

There is always a high demand for highly skilled, talented, creative fresh graduates. Demand for average skill set people with a low level of sustainable passion is not good. It’s not like an accounting degree where as long as you can do the job, you can find a position somewhere. There are a lot of intangibles that employers look for. The pay varies greatly.

thanks for the response, leaving nyc is not really an option, at least not too far away… but i have a lot of credits already, so maybe i can transfer a decent amount… i do love industrial design, although i did not know there were programs to study it until recently… i am taking some drawing and design now, to get a portfolio together… maybe i can apply for next fall