Looking for advice between Architecture and ID

i thought I’d post this in case anyone can help me out. I have an undergrad in fine arts and would like to pursue a career in design and get a masters. However I am so conflicted between Architecture or Industrial design. My interests really go to both fields wanting to work with spaces, different materials, working creatively. I really love architecture and the ability to work with larger scales but being able to make products and being a designer within so many industrial fields is very appealing also? I’d really like some help and thoughts considering the time and money that goes into getting a masters. What are the drawbacks and the advantages to both fields? what do the studies entail? and anything else you can think of that may help me come to a clear decision. Thanks for your help!

welcome to core,
searching the threads will provide some insights to start with, this comes up regularly.
post some of your work, talk more about your interests and we can provide more specific feedback.

Thanks for the reply. When you mean my work, do you mean undergrad studies? I mostly did photography and sculpture.
As for my interests, I studied fine arts and also some fashion. Both in the end were fulfilling but not. Art because it wouldn’t be used for anything although lovely to have and look at and for fashion, the materials were too limiting for me. I wanted to build more bigger and sculptural 3d forms. It was so fulfilling to make sculptures…I am interested in both large scale and small scale which arch and both id cover. Im interested in interior spaces and how that space interacts with people and how we use it. My other focus is on furniture design as well but not limited to. Im trying to get an idea of how a typical architect out of school will work and how their career might develop and the same goes for an industrial designer. how easy is it to find a job? what are your typical projects you work on? how do most people work? by actually drawing things out and sketching or all by computer programs? Some suggested interior design but that i feel is definitely too limiting for me.
Thanks !