Looking for advice before going back to school.

I was hoping to get some advice from someone in the field of industrial design. I graduated with a BS in Architectural Engineering in 2003. I have been working as an Engineer in the oil / biodiesel industry for the last 4 years. I am considering a career change, and am interested in industrial design. I am looking at the industrial design program offered at Metro State in Denver. It looks like an interesting program, and it has the advantage of being close to where I live, but it only offers a BS, not a Masters. I am curious if it would be to my advantage to earn another BS degree to switch to industrial design, or if I should be looking at other options. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing a second bachelors degree. Many masters programs are shorter in duration
and don’t focus as much on some of the skills you pick up as an undergrad (sketching, CAD, rendering, prototyping),
but delve more into design thinking, strategy, and research. There are some masters programs that take
engineers and others with non-design backgrounds. These typically take 3 years or more to complete. NC State,
IIT, and the University of Cincinnati come to mind. I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to go
about it - it depends more on your current skills and what you hope to gain from your ID education. There
have been a number of threads on this transition posted in the forums. Many of them have useful advice for
those in your situation. Good luck to you.

Agreed. A masters will be less focus typically on the skills and the shorter program will not give you as much experience, projects, etc. Aside from design management I don’t really see much benefit from any masters ID program I’ve looked at (most are pretty much the same as a BID).

Go for the undergrad ID program. Sorry, I don’t know anything about the specific program you mentioned.


Taking location and convenience out of it. Is Metro State where you would want to go?