Looking for a US based injection molder

Friends, countryman, designers,

I’m looking for a US based injection molder who can handle a medium sized run of a CPG package. Something similar to a container for mints or candy. It is for a friend in jam. Anyone have a vendor they recommend?

Doesn’t have to be US based, as long as they can get units to the US fast.

It is something like this:

idea on qty?


I used these guys about 10 years ago:


similar volumes but bigger parts. I wouldn’t use them for products with tight tolerences (medical products, etc…) but from the looks of what you’re doing, they might work. I thought they were helpful with plastic part help/advice as well.

I work with a small tooling shop in Utah. They are very competitive and fast. We work with this molder a lot and have done similar parts to the one you show. http://www.streamlineplastics.com/

These guys also seem very competitive and can provide labeling printing etc.

You can go to them then they source the mold to us or you can go through me and I can get a mold quote.


End of discussion.


Try this place in the east bay

is your friend in SF?

Thanks for the suggestions fellas. No, not in SF, SoCal.

yo, an old name in San Luis Obispo County/ Paso Robles to be exact.

Cornucopia Tool & Plastic

Art Horn’s VP Sales & Marketing; 805.369.0030 x212
Art literally grew up on the floor at CT&P and knows the business.

They work 10s, so they’re closed on Fridays

Thanks everyone for the quick responses. My friend honed in on someone who can help him get this order filled!