Looking for a SPONSOR!

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for a sponsor to produce a line of women’s footwear and matching accessories (handbags, belts, sunglasses). It can be a manufacturer or anybody who can support financially the production of the first collection. The designs and color combinations are very unique and will instantly appeal to the taste and needs of a modern woman.

Once the items are made, we will launch them in a way that will get lots of attention from the buyers and press.

If you are interested, please email to imbzee@yahoo.com and we will discuss all the details (I will also send you the samples of my work).




Though this method might work, it most likely will not. My sugestion would be to either try to liscence the designs, or create your own start up company and collect the venture capital to get the ball rolling.

Currently you sound as if you are only at the intial stages of the development process, with 75% of the work and 90% of the cost remaining.

One aspect that might help would be to get a prototype/first artical of each product created. The get a distribution chain set up, or at a minimum get “verifiable” interest in the product line, and the lauch method.

Just speaking from experiance working with a couple dozen inventors, and start up companies to launch thier initial lines.

Quantify this statement and I will “sponsor” you!

Thank you all for your tips and responds. I appreciate the support.

Currently I have 22 footwear designs and about the same amount of accessories. They all are going to be the prototypes with excellent materials and color quality. If they are made overseas it won’t cost much ($1000-$1500 max), if made domestically (USA), the cost may double.

Right now my concern is manufacturers. The prototypes have to be flawless! So it’s a challenge to find a responsible manufacturer who is not intimidated by complex designs (handbags especially).

C@C, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions before going any further. Are you a manufacturer or do you know any good ones? What country do live in?



C@C wrote:
Ella wrote:
will instantly appeal to the taste and needs of a modern woman.

Quantify this statement and I will “sponsor” you!

C@C was partially taking a jab. It is nearly imposable to Quantify an emotional responce!