Looking for a part

(I dont know if this should be in the retail design section, but i figured this area would get the best exposure. Please move this if it is in the wrong area)

I am designing some signage for an in store display. There will be two 3’x8’ banners with a 4’ wheel turning between the two sheets. The wheel will most likely be made of 3/16" foam core and can be slightly cut out in the middle to save wieght.

We are having problems sourcing an inexpensive motor to turn the wheel. Any suggestions on who to contact or where to look?

Here is a quick illustration so you can better understand whats going on.

Where do you plan on hiding the motor?

Oh yeah, that would probably be good info to have…It will need to be hidden between the 2 larger boards. I think there will be about 8-10 inches between the two outside boards.

Do you want it to plug in? or run on batteries?

When it comes to motors for the POP / Display biz, I would start with Hankscraft…


I believe this is going to have to run on batteries, and for a long time. I’m pretty sure that once it is up they dont want to mess with it, so ideally it will last about a month. It does not need to be a very large motor, just something that will turn the wheel at a slow speed. I dont know how much output it will require, but it should be too much considering it is only made of foam core.

You will need a incredibly large battery if you want to run a motor for 30 days or more. A motor in a toothbrush will last under 24 hours under contant load and those ar not drawing much power. Plug in will work better. Or you could try a solar-powered motor. Google is your friend.