Looking for a pair of shoes

Has anybody seen a pair of ladies’ shoes which made of transparent plastic?
(i.e. when wearing this shoe, the whole foot can be seen clearly.)

If you have any information about this transparent plastic shoe, please show me the picture and let me know the price. Thank you very much!

one example is the ferragamo invisible sandal, it is the most famous “transparent” sandal.

if not there is also the classic “jelly” shoe/sandal made out of pvc there are many types of these but they are not usually the most elegant type of women’s shoe.

I don’t want elegant type. I think it should be the cheap one.

I know of Melissa, a Brazillian shoe company- they specialize in Jelly Shoes-- they make clear ones- I own a pair of plastic trainers from them- their plastic is fruity scented! I see their brand on Zappos.com, but there are only summer shoes on it now- no trainers… it is not easy to see a foot inside them, they get so sweaty- But when you wear colorful, crazy socks, you can really see the sock design!

They cost about $40 about 2 years ago… Hope you see them again!

Those Melissa shoes still existed when I went to Brazil in November last year…

They have a website http://www.melissa.com.br/