Looking for a Mentor

My current objective is to launch my services internationally
• To work on designing furniture and other products related to Interiors for the residential, commercial, corporate, institutional and hospitality sectors –
o on the ‘transfer of design on a royalty basis’ ;
o I am also open to selling designs for a lump sum reimbursement.
o These may include designs from my portfolio as they are or with necessary modifications to suit an individual’s style.(I am constantly working on various interesting concepts)
• To work on commissioned furniture design proposals
• Also if a designer wishes to collaborate on an interior design project internationally, it would be of great interest to me.
My furniture designs are based on innovative forms, multi functional usage and have the aesthetic of energy efficiency.

Visit Lalit Hira, Interior and Furniture Designer in Mumbai, India for further information on me

Seeking a mentor and requesting guidance please respond to prodes@vsnl.com

I’d appreciate some serious advise please!

In my experience, most established freelance furniture designers will have nothing to do with those looking for work in the field. This is in the USA…

I’m not sure why this is - perhaps it is a fear of being replaced by the new faces who will typically work for a fraction of the price?

Don’t let this discourage you though - call / email everyone you can find and at least ask!