looking for a job as an intern/junior designer!!!!

Hello, a quick post to ask for your help if you know about some job opportunity.

Well, I´m a Colombian Industrial Designer (and I live in Colombia), I just finished my 5 year Industrial design professional carreer. I already worked as an intern designer here in Bogotá, Colombia. but I´m looking forward to go to NYC (hopefully) or some other city, even Vancouver, Canada… or Spain! to get more experience and learn from the greatest designers!

I do not have my work permit already, but in order to get it I need to have a “sponsor”, a company that will hire me as a intern/junior designer. I will get a J1 VISA wich lets me work for that company, the process could take 1 or 2 months. (so I may be in the US by december 2006 / January 2007)

The thing is that I would need a paid internship or well paid job so I can find somewhere to live and all the stuff I´ll need to survive! you know… :blush:

These are the areas where I would love to work… any of them (in order).

  1. Urban design / design for public spaces (furniture, experiences, etc.)
  2. Product Design (it would be great! I really want to get a lot of experience)
  3. Research, marketing and culture, design promotion.
  4. Furniture Design (I have experience)

Well guys, if you have a company where you think I could work and do it great, learn from you and improve my english! please contact me and I will send you my resume.
If you know about a job please let me know!

You can visit German Salamanca, Industrial Designer in Sydney, Australia and see some of my work.

Thanks for your time! bye!

your going to have some trouble coming directly to the US, as I’m sure your well aware of.
don’t stop trying, (there’s always grad school too) but I might suggest an optional path. Post NAFTA, many american manufacturers are collaborating with their Mexican producers.
(Much as China has done) Mexico is manufacturing products under a house brand for the local market, some US companies are purchasing them under their own brand to gain market share there - and even importing them to the US.
Perhaps you could work for one of these companies and gain some experience with US personell and process…

hi, thanks for the info, its good to know about it.

I have some Colombian friends, and they are from my University and at the moment they are in NYC working as industrial designers, it is not really hard to go to US and work, our Universities in Colombia are great!

I really hope to have the opportunity to go to NYC (hopefully) because I just love that city and I will improve my english too, so thats why I prefer a US city than a Mexican city you know…

thanks again for the info.