Looking for a good thesis topic

hey guys,

I’m a grad student in ID and will be starting my thesis pretty soon,

I’ve god lots of ideas but i’m thinking of focusing on something sport related, from experience, would anyone recommend a good topic or area to look further into?

i’m just throwing it out there, the more ideas and thoughts i could get the better, always helps!

thanks :slight_smile:

Let’s hear your ideas. You gotta give to get as the saying goes around here.


Paintball! Or more specifically, woodsball.

What will be the impact on this sport (or others for that matter) by augmented reality substitutes?

Im hoping that you do have some ideas, and not just trolling us to get your work done. That said, Ill throw in a little…

Skiing and snowboarding is advancing to the point of being just plain dangerous. It used to just be broken leg or wrist. Now we are seeing broken backs and deaths every year in the sport. Being relatively new, I think that it is going down a frightening path. It seems like focusing on safety while still being able to advance the sport would be a good challenge.

hey guys,

thanks for the replies and suggested topics, they both sound fun and new to me.

I’m looking at areas now more then specific topics, but a few things ive been thinking has been the topic of “disability”, and looking at it parallel with “beauty”. I’ve been reading a book lately by Graham Pullin, Design meets disability, its a nice read i’d recommend. How eye glasses is now eye wear and more of a fashion product then a medical product, so i guess im looking at how can we tackle other disabilities and make it less sensitive and part of society rather then being something odd. Another good example is Aimee Muller and her cheatah legs.

I think theirs lots of potential with this leading into wheel chairs and eventual into sports and disabilities, i dont know its pretty broad at the moment but thats one area

another thing ive been looking at has been more about the aesthetics part of products and brands, how could a brand such as nike or adidas, given its aesthetics and brand work its way into non sport products. (not sure how far this can go)

another area involving biomechanics and physiology, Ankle strains and sprains are the most common injury in basketball, can this injury be reduced through a better protective product or footwear?

these are just areas im touching on and exploring more to see what kind of potential they have,

thanks again guys :slight_smile:

My best advice right now is focus on who you are, what you know, and what you want to accomplish. What are you an expert in? What is something that affects your life that you would like to see changed? Relate a design solution to someone or something that absolutely needs your help.

Once you have a few ideas check into the validity of your concerns. It’s so important to share a story with your product. You want people to understand and empathize. You want them to feel a need for your solution. Use your knowledge, passions, and curiosity to start formulating possibilities.

It’s not easy to just design something!