looking for a different kind of UNI..

The ideal for me it would be a university that would combine classes such as design, art, video, performance…all these in one course. I wonder if something like that exists (preferably in europe).

Thanks all of you for any contribution.

do fine art i guess do whatever u want

dawolfman666, i guess you are right, these courses i mention are more likely to be found to art schools instead design schools but the ideal would be to find a course that would explore the relation of design with all the above mentioned forms of art. Thanx for your time, anyway.

As much as you might not want to hear it, dawolfman666
is correct in his suggestion, the issues you mention are explored within the realm of “fine arts”. (and perhaps in a minor way architecture, but only for a few projects).

Of course if you are looking for a way to “justify” your educational experience with something that has employment possibilities, then just do whatever program you want and do resarch on those topics and their correlation in your undergrad thesis (or Master’s or Doctorate research)

…combine classes such as design, art, video, performance…all these in one course…

you could find this in a fine arts program for certain. I did a number of these courses (or was able to explore these issues)
Mixed media and a few art theory classes for example.

good luck

dubmonkey, thank you for your time to contribute, first of all. I did not mean in any way to argue with dawolfman666… :laughing: .

I do know that these courses are mostly oriented to fine art schools but, what we are doing isn’t called applied arts? Why aren’t we offered the opportunity to combine them? I am completely confused in terms of the decision i have to make for my future studies. I do love arts but i can not live as an artist. I do love design but always considering it as the art of our every day life.

I feel as if i am abandoned in the midle of a huge valley and i do not know to which direction to run… :blush:

I do love design but always considering it as the art of our every day life.

that’s exactly how I felt all through my fine arts days.

I hear your plight. :confused:
I was in the same boat. I originally did a Fine arts degree where I was able to explore all the things you mentioned above (though I specialized in sculpture and photography) but as much as I loved the creativity and the freedom the “arts” offered me, I was really turned off by the whole ‘art scene’ (the art-speak, grant proposals and competitions, starving artist part, the whole need to work at an art store since no one else recognizes your degree/abilities…oh and the need for patronage…or rather someone elses approval of your work)

So I decided to pursue my original goal, that of an industrial designer!
I didn’t do it in the first place because I did not have a lot of the pre-requisites (physics/chemistry/calculus/algebra/etc) so i went back to highschool and got m needed courses and applied with a portfolio that I developed in my arts education and got accepted! :stuck_out_tongue:

So now I do design for work (which I enjoy) and I still do art after work.
…so now I’m a well fed artist (though I’m now paying off the loans for two degrees:( )

you might still be able to incorporate elements of design/art/video/performance if you do set design, experience design, exhibit/theme park design,

good luck on your decision, design might let you follow your heart and your wallet!

Go for the one where you get the most value for your dollar. No disrespect to the fine artists, but you can practice painting on your own. You can’t learn ID on your own or other more technically specific things, well you can but it’s much harder. There are certain things that have to be learned/experienced in a certain way. It’s hard to combine those different elements, just not enough time in the world if you want to be thorough. Dont’ spend money for 4 years to come out doing pretty much the same thing you were before you went. Spend your years learning something new, make it worth it. Combine it all later if you still want to. After you see how intense each of the seperate areas are on their own and gather a better respect for them after immersion, your views may or may not change. Good luck to you.

Sculpture and design! I guess one of the best combinations (the other one i believe is arch + design!). In fact i did some lessons to enter the Fine arts school, here in Athens, but in the end i gave up to focus in industrial design.

You know, my dream project is performance, modern dance, where human body will interact with objects designed for this purpose. All this accompanied with computer graphics and animation.

Doesn’t this sound good? :wink:

But when i am asked by the unis which is my dream project i hesitate to mention it once i am afraid that they will direct me to fine art schools… :unamused:

my dream project is performance, modern dance, where human body will interact with objects designed for this purpose. All this accompanied with computer graphics and animation.

well you can pursue this dream , but perhaps don’t mention the dance part.
There are some conceptual /virtual interface projects that are going on that incorporate just these issues. For example take a look at playstation2’s eyetoy, it allows the player to interact with the game using body movements (sounds like a form of dance to me)

other studies of these combined issues can be observed in interfaces developed for virtual reality systems. (cheesy examples but look at futuristic interfaces in the movies johnny mnemonic, matrix2, minority report etc) here you will see examples of people interfacing with computers using physical inputs (not just mouse and keyboard)

I guess other options to look at could be interface design, and “Systems Design” (it is part of engineering but the students take courses in many
disciplines. kinda like ID, )

I’m also coming from fine arts background…did figurative painting and illustration mostly.But that whole artsy attitude of the people who were around me was just pissing me off…especially those tormented ones, who couldn’t paint and bullshitted their way through…

So…now I’m an ID student … to satisfy my craftsy-artsy urges I’m taking a bunch of electives in the fields that interest me or collaborate with craft students.

Maybe you should just do ID and take electives in photography, video, and sculpture…or do the opposite. Do sculpture and take electives in ID…but I am not sure how it is in Europe now days with that. It works out well here, in the USA.

Each one opinion posted here is highly appreciated and valued.

Through the study guides of many schools i have looked for i have not descriminate any flexibility in their courses, except TUDelft which is more of an engineering id school (at least what i have heared). Off course, we have to be realistic and some time in the future to take back the money we spent (as skinny writes! :laughing: ). I am sure that all of us have been in this place and some times i think it is better just to leave things happen and not to try to control and plan each move we make.

dubmnkey, i will have a look in this “system design” you mentioned, sounds good…

p.s. I have already applied to some schools and already have been rejected by some of them. During all this filling application forms thing, the most difficult thing for me at least, was to state, why i want to do this, why i want to do that…blah. blah, blah…I do know this part is critical and that from this text they want to see the comitment of the applicant to work or how determined he/she is to dedicate his/herself in design or whatever. The only thing i could do was to draw a huge “?” and in fact that is what i did (ok, not exactly like that :neutral_face: ). I do not want to be misunderstood, i am not the guy who believes that i am the ideal candidate so why bother filling this paper… It’s so difficult to explain it…

and that is my coroflot “portfolio”. Basically i do not show projects but a kind of a feeling…