looking for a career coach or counselor

Based on a lot of the great advice in these boards, I’m formulating a plan for a drastic career change from environmental policy/computer modeling to furniture design/interior architecture, but I could still use some help.

I’m looking for some sort of career coach or counselor to help me work out a serious plan/timeline OR someone who has made a similar transition to serve as a bit of an experienced advisor. I feel like there are some concrete steps I should be taking to make this happen, from building a portfolio to deciding whether apprenticing or MFA is the right path, to setting specific goals and deadlines, but I am in a bit of a rut when it comes to getting it together.

Does anyone know anyone who does this sort of career coaching for career changes? I don’t want wishy-washy “find your inner cheese” type of stuff, resume building, or to learn all about the 7 habits of effective middle-managers.

Many thanks.

try one of the IDSA student mentors…


yeah they’ll be sure not to resond…