Looking for a ballpoint with darker black ink

I sketch with ballpoint pens more than anything else. I love everything about them, except for the ink color. All the ones I’ve used (Bic, mostly) have kind of a purple hue. I want one with a dark, rich black, like what you get from a fineliner. Any ideas?

The pentel hybrid technica is the closest thing I’ve found to bic except that it’s a truer black and marker-safe. But bic’s are still my favorite to use; I color correct them in photoshop after.

Marker-safe would also be great! I’ll check out the Pentel.
Color correcting in PS is fine for portfolio work, but I’m trying to get my sketches to pop more for in-person critiques at work. The reduced contrast from ballpoint ink makes a difference.

Uniball jetstream 1.0. Expensive, but nice. Don’t marker over it though or it’ll bleed.