Looking for a 3D view of the Nissan Infinity FX45

Hi guys,

I am desperately looking for a 3D view of the Infinity FX45. Do you know where I could find one?? Do some of you have one in their image bank.
Any help is more than welcome.
Thanks a lot

Not that I know any, but the best bet is to go to a Infinity dealership and take 360 degree pictures.

Do an image search on Google, not that hard.


Click on 360 view and you can get all of the angles.

Next time just do a search on google for Infiniti FX45 QTVR

QTVR = quicktime virtual reality

Thanks for your responses, but I am actually looking for a 3D modelization of the FX45.

tomorrow: go to the dealership with a tape measure, laptop, and a 12 pack.

This is the closet thing I can find so far. And its free so no whining.