Looking for a 3D rendering specialist - where to post

I’ve been looking for someone that is a 3D rendering specialist, but haven’t been happy with the resumes that I’ve received. Anyone know a good site to post my job opening? Where do these render-monkeys hang out?


Where have you posted thus far?

Aside from the obvious (Coroflot, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster) the only one I can think of for Viz guys would be http://jobs.cgsociety.org/

Deviant is a good place but without knowing what you are looking for or software and a sample of the level you want it is hard to send you in a specialized direction.

if you want to pm me some info i might be able to recommend some good boards to post on that will get you the talent you are looking for.

I second Cyberdemon’s suggestion to check out CGSociety. Depends if it’s just a product shot you’re after or something more. CGTalk | Recruitment. I also work in viz myself, and have sent you an email.

Ray, is it for packaging or other marketing related content? We use an out of house resource called Pylot.

You may also want to hit up some of the more specific sites. Ronen Bekerman has a large following with a good forum that you may be able to post on. Also, cg Society is a good one. I know that at our work we used Creative heads a few times searching for 3d artists.

If you are looking for someone to send work out to, let me know. I work for a firm that specializes in photorealistic rendering and animation (have been doing a lot of AR recently, which is surprisingly fun to see in action)

We do housewares, hardware and furniture. We’re looking for someone that can do pretty realistic interior shots showcasing our products. Ideally, it would be Ikea catalog quality, although we usually run stuff that is just a notch back from that.

We use a local studio for now that specializes in this. However, we could easily pay another ID salary on the last 6 months of bills, so we want to bring it in house.

Looking around at some of the sites posted in this thread. I didn’t realize CG Society had a job thread. Just noticed that it started up in April. No wonder there are so few posts.

I’m gonna try some of the other forums too. Wish me luck!

This has some interesting possibilities for visualizing those types of products in a real setting, instead of modeling/rendering the scene and the product, this app seems to place virtual products using a form of AR into a photograph. I looks to be for customers who want to visualize furniture in their home, but I see a potential use for designers here too.



I think that adornably isnt giving the entire scope of the program. What they arent telling you is that each one of the furniture models will have to be built to specific constraints. These are great if you have an existing library of models, but they make it look as though you can just grab whatever you want from one image and stick it in another. We manage and create all of the models for the Crate and Barrel room designer, and it is a lot of work. There are very specific polycounts, material constraints, and formats that the base program can handle.

Sorry for the thread jack. Best of luck to you Ray! You may want to try Flying architecture as well. Matus has done a great job with the forum and it has been doing well. I know that you can post jobs there as well

Linkedin and Coroflot

Surprised no one has mentioned www.behance.net . If it hasn’t already, it’s growing into the biggest repository of creative portfolios and definitely has a ton of professional CG artists/photographers.

Online now at: Coroflot, Creativeheads and CG Society.

BTW: Coroflot has driven far more resumes to me and with a higher quality than anywhere else I posted. Save your money and use Coroflot!