Looking for a 1 yr program - reputable - inexpensive - THX

I have a BSc. in Manufacturing Engineering (which is a combo of industrial/mechanical engineering). I am looking to work in with ID industry but have no formal ARTS training. I am looking for a school to help me build a portfolio. I am mostly interested in cultivating my creativity for furniture design. But I am open to all ID schools. I would like to complete a program in 1 year preferably, and I would like to spend MAX $12-$15K. I am from Canada and I speak both french and english. Can anyone give me any helpful advice?

This reminds me of the Keith Bontrager quote we see here so often…

“cheap - strong - light . . . . . pick two”

In this case however it is “1 year program - reputable - inexpensive…pick one”

I’m afraid you will be hard pressed to find those 3 attributes together.

Keith is correct, there are good programs in Canada check them out.
Because, the only thing 1 year of ID is good for is to help out CAD jockeys percieve complexity of form.

there are programs in canada- tho im not sure if they’re 1 year.

in europe, you can go to italy. domus academy and SPD both offer 1-year graduate programs.

like what no spec said - there’s no guarantee that you will learn most ID skills in 1 year.

i studied for 5 years, i’ve been working for almost 5 years now…but still i’m trying to improve my drawing and 3D skills (though in fairness we were not taught about 3D CAD when i was in school).

I can’t speak for Canada, but stateside, you’d be hard pressed to find any program that would offer anything for just a year. I think a year’s worth of schooling anywhere is going to do you little good in regards to breaking into the ID field. If you’re serious about breaking into ID, you’re best bet might be to go back fulltime for either another bachelors, or a masters.

It’s a pretty competitive market, and your prior degree will help you have an edge… IF you dedicate the time necessary to being a good designer. MAYBE if you had a degree in graphic design or architecture where you already had a strong foundation in design philosophy a 1 year degree would be reasonable, but I think it will be difficult for you to succeed in design. It is a very different thought process… not being able to spell helps as well.

Its tough though, I totally understand where you r coming from. I mean from being in ID for so long I have a really steady hand, so I thought I could be a good surgeon, but I can’t find any medical school that will allow me to skip pre-med, WTF!

Sorry, couldn’t help it, if you knew how many times I’ve read almost this same exact question as moderator… :wink:


Yo I wish I said that. Classic.

Hi ,

I had completed a one yr part-time course in I.D. It is true that one year is rather short to learn about this field … (I had a diploma in mech engr and been doing machine servicing for 5 yrs) It is more suitable for ppl who are alreay been doing similar stuff for some time and just need a formal certification.

So, any advice after this one yr degreee program if I am very keen to enter this field ?



Thanks for the replies. Yo, your sarcasm aside, I can understand where you are coming from…although…I think maybe you understand less about engineering than you do about surgery??? Engineers are designers too! (:
So…realistically, I am looking at a two-four year program or a lifetime (I don’t want to offend anyone).
How about those of you that have worked in ID? Is there room to grow between engineering and designing within some companies? Also, can anyone recommend a good text book on the basics of Industrial Design?? Maybe something you’ve been assigned at school??
Thanks again for all the replies!

“Rapid Viz” and “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”

If you’re in Vancouver, try BCIT. They offer a number of programs in various disciplines like graphics, etc. IOW, add art and style to your technical skills. The available programs are very intense and you may have to modify your price range as I’ve heard that a lot of people are a 15-25K light afterwards. Also expect your schedule to be anything from 9-24 months depending…