looking back.

Have you ever looked back upon a product you womped up and said to yourself “holy bat shit how could you have been so STUPID?”. In the process of looking back over my portfolio I have done it many times much to my chagrin, and if you folks say “YES” i will post one and go though its defects as I see them from a perspective of 20 years more experiance. So troops, care to see the zippy bare his chest and own up to the mistakes made?


It only takes me a few months to have that feeling. I think it is inevitable…we are always learning and the market is always changing, so are designs are always under-developed and behind the curve.

So is that a yes, no, or "dont care’?

You show me yours, I’ll show you mine :wink:

LOL ok how do you want to handle this?

ok here is one from the past 1987 in fact

The Corsa was billed as a human powered racer, a human powered go-cart if you will and pioneered some interesting features such as 15 speed planetary gear boxes with the shifters intergraded into the steering side sticks. The Corsa could fit any person from 4’10” to 6’ 5” tall and was extremely comfortable, fast, and a lot of fun

When testing showed the chassis provide a fun, fast ride the body design was mocked up and then the molds and initial fiberglass body panels were built. The finished prototypes were shown to Sharper Image and we garnered an order for 100 giving us a commitment for production but only after we could show them a production Corsa.

The design was modifies to allow for vacuumed forming of the body panels and changes to the seating with 6 pre production units being built. These were shown to Sharper Image as well as exhibited at the Out door sports trade show where it garnered a great deal of interest including orders from Hammechler Schlemer and interest from Steven Spielberg for use in his upcoming film Back to the Future part 2, sadly a deal the company that was founded later to produce the Corsa did not act on the offer .

Oh excuse me, I misread the post. I do have a couple projects that didn’t get very far that I don’t understand why the were killed. Not as interesting as the Corsa though.

more the merrier, bring them on and maybe the youngling will learn a bit from our mistakes. Some mistakes i made on the corsa,

  1. I was to wedded to the look, and realy should have gone with 16" front and 20" rear tires, the ones I used were not avialable in high pressure hence the rolling resistance was higher than I liked.
  2. I used a single rear brake, and that was stupid big time, that thing was fast as hell down hill and here I put just 1 brake on it. In my defence disks were not available bakc then and calipers just wouldnt work.
  3. I again fell in love with the look too much and ended up with a pretty convoluted chain drive a thing that would haunt owners with some reliability there.
  4. Didnt presue a kids version built in blow mold, but I had bad luck with toy companies so that door was closed. Kids loved the thing and it would have been a winner.
  5. Sold out to the wrong people, not a uncommon thing but still a boo boo. This was back pre internet so self marketing was a stone bear, now who knows.

I did do a total redesign…still have it in my files somplace, it would have been lighter, cheeper, faster and just all around gooder. I even designed a hybrid version, had a batt pack and electric motor hidden in the body with regnertive braking, would have been sweet.

Worst design-by-committee gong show ever experienced.

Never. Ever. Let a non-designer (i.e. Marketing Director) be the design director of a program.

Similar to that, never allow a committee to run your design process. A strong Design Dictator and good minions is needed.

YIKES feature creep to the point of insanity…wait i see room for 4 more buttons!

This was my very first project all the way back in 2003. I felt pretty proud until I saw this Nike come out two years later.

I have no idea which was more successful (it’s possible CCM’s was because they had greater market penetration). However, now I feel like I made a couple mistakes:

  1. I really stayed in the box too much. I stuck too much to what a skate is supposed to look like and didn’t explore the fashion element enough.

  2. I didn’t push my concepts hard enough. I lacked confidence to push the concepts that were a little further out of the box. A tip to young designers, don’t be cocky, but don’t hold back either…it’s a fine line.

Ha! That’s not the best part. The image that I can’t show, b/c it was never released is the generation of phone that followed the one on the right in the image above. It had 64 buttons + a 5 way D-pad…that’s right, 69 inputs.

What you can’t see in those images was the flip out QWERTY kepad underneath the 12 Keypad.

The squashed product that I can’t show also had TWO cameras (one facing the user for video conferencing, one facing out the back for photos, speakerphone, wifi, bluetooth, HSDPA, optical sensor to turn down backlight in sunlight, etc…

Yes, this is the product that made me hate Marketing, hate techno-dweebs that think cramming everything into a product “because you can” not caring that you’re making a mediocre product, and carry a Plain F**king Phone.

Its allways a fine line and all you can do is find out if they buyers were happy. To me you stayed true to the ccm core"id" and thats important.

It happens, just imagine some of the protos that apple waded through before they settled on the iphone. I used to use the 1 min rule, if you cannot show the important features and explain the benifits in 1 min (like a tv commerical) then you have lost your core concept. The “but wait theres is more” school is not showing inovation or even consumer knowlage but bowing to the simplest (ala microsoft) solution…pile it on higher and deeper.

Awesome thread zippy. Thanks for sharing guys.

welcome, more the merrier…

dude, im totally stoked with the 80’s ID vibe. thanks for sharing.

ive certainly got some stuff in my closet. will have to pull some out to share.

good thread. may all the fresh designers take heed and learn that there is always room for improvement and good design is never final.


whats old is new, and to think i wss using faceted design just about the same time as the skunk works was designing the fa 117 steath fighter :laughing:

ha ha ! I just knew it was YOU !!!

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