Looking at job opportunities before starting school

I’m 36 and starting a second career. I’ve been researching ID for quite some time now. I’m taking a tour of the Art Institute of Portland later this week. I’ve done some searching on Monster.com trying to find out what kind of job I could get and I’m not finding many jobs that accept a BS in ID. There are tons and tons of ME and EE jobs, however. Of course, the reason I’m not going into these engineering fields is because of the extensive math. I want to make an educated decision on my next career path, and ID seems very interesting to me, but I also want to maximize my job choices. Is there somewhere else I should looking for job ads, or are ID jobs really that scarce?


for some reason Monster.com only lists ID jobs pertaining to ME and EE.

the real job source for ID jobs is coroflot.com (core77’s little brother… or is it older brother?)

there are a few random jobs at productdesignforums.com as well

I would imagine you will land yourself a job through the college you attend to plan, connections, sponsored projects, competitions, etc

have fun and welcome