Look what Volvo is doing...

A lot of teeth gnashing going with that quarter panel, hood, pillar and door panel intersection. Anyone been following the development of Volvo’s Polestar sub-brand? “Stripper” does not come to mind as the name implies…neither do the curves…

I have to say the more recent Volvos have been sliding a bit. Some of the lines are a little too straight and there are those weird intersections like on the Polestar. Overall, still great, but those details bug me.

I’ll leave this here. Pretty groovy IMHO.

I love the sloping, but square back end.

Cool concept, also the interior. :Polestar Precept – The future of automotive | Polestar US

I just hope they get it done, while KIA and NIO seem to be already there.
Having some choices when my lease of a white on white T M3 runs out would be nice.
Doubt it, though.

SC infrastructure is without any real competition, still. (in Europe)

I see that square back end and all I see is Cybertruck and I barf up my breakfast.

Really like the rest of it, though.

Looks amazing, will be interesting to see what the production transition brings (like no rear window?) but it almost looks like they designed that rear panel to fit a pane of glass.

Love it. All the other Polestar cars just don’t do it for me. They seem like they are riding too high and have a weird stance. Worse proportions than the Volvos they are based on.

If they can make a Polestar wagon to replace my V90R when my lease is up I’d seriously consider that.


Is that … a running board along the side? To step up and access my roof box?

The contrast between the rear lamp squareness and the rounded edges of the diffuser is jarring.

As far as drastically sharp backs go I always loved the VW XL1,

Funny, I was just day dreaming of the VW XL1 today.