Look inside Apple's design process

I dont know anyone at apple, so it was interesting to get a glimpse into apples process thanks to all the lawyering going on between apple and sammy.

↓ (sketches can be seen here)


I think it is extremely impressive that they are able to pump out the next 5 years of iphone DID in concept sketches dating before 2006. Who works like this? How do they choose which one to make next - is it based on technology/engineering limitations of what they can or cant make at the time?

Shin Nishibori model is in the news a lot as well, with the sony tagged on it,

Sammy lawyers claiming it was a sony inspired design, however, I would like to submit new evidence, a Nishibori designed bottle opener from 2002

Surprised they use Alias…hmmm

They have job positions for Alias sculptors always popping up with the ubiquitous “this is not a gateway to a design job” on it.

Either the CAD jockeys kill themselves really quickly from boredom, their designers are incapable of doing incredibly basic 3D work, or they actually promote them to designers. Would be interesting to know which haha.

There was a posting for a Jr IDer at Apple a while ago. In that, they also seem to know exactly who they want. A person with one focus area, which is ID (in this case).
It also seems like they are less interested in process, but more in the resulting product. In the end it is either good, or it is not. No matter how many sketches or field studies you did.

The Apple Industrial Design group is seeking a junior designer with a traditional industrial design focus. Ideal candidates will be:
• Highly motivated, determined problem-solvers with a rigorous attention to detail
• Curious about how something is made and how it works
• Passionate and knowledgeable about materials
• Hands-on, without depending solely on virtual design tools
• Collaborative, flexible, adaptable
• Recent graduates or 1-2 years out of school

The Apple Industrial Design group is NOT seeking a designer who focuses on interaction design, user interface, or design strategy/marketing. Professional portfolios not required: work-in-progress OK, samples in pdf files encouraged. Please omit all marketing material and any extraneous content explaining or defending the project. Please include only pertinent information about how the product is made or how it works. Photographs or short videos of the object ‘in use’ in order to further understanding of proportion, materials and operation are encouraged.

Really cool to see the design progression and a peak behind the curtain. Hopefully this will not put them off suing more companies so that we can see more behind the scenes. I really enjoy to see the similar work that we are all engaged in, not just the final product.

With the refinement of the design process at Apple by Ive, it is not hard to imagine the form sequence of design release and product cycles being part of the process. Maybe reading too much magic into it, however, with the aggressive design cycle, it is conceivable, in fact expected, that Apple would make a form progression release estimation just as they do with staggered feature release.

:slight_smile: Epic.

Or as stated elsewhere in these boards, they are in such high demand that they leave for better jobs than Apple.