LOOK EVERYBODY!! Motorola Job Contacts!! CHICAGO!!

Does anybody know any contacts at Motorola?

Hmmm…not sure anyone is just going to throw out a reference without knowing you, or knowing the work you are capable of. The best you can probably do here is to post a link to your portfolio and hope that some Motorola people are looking.

Maybe check out http://www.LinkedIn.com - a professional networking site that might help you make a connection there.

there are people here w connections. just post link to your portfolio. maybe you’ll get a hit.


Pick up the phone and do some research. Call the front desk and ask the receptionist? That works sometimes. Are you looking for a contact in the Schaumburg offices?

Dear PHA-Q,

My name is claudio Ribeiro and I’m a design manager at Motorola Chicago. We have been reviewing all the portfolio samples that came in in the past few months and I can garantee you that they are not getting lost in “the pipeline”, but we have been reviewing very carefully all the aplications and avaluating their fit to what we are looking for.

You are more than welcome to re-submit your work at: CXDjobs01@motorola.com