Longest you've gone without talking to a design co-worker

Just curious (hypothetical of course :wink: )

…after a major difference in opinion about a project(s), what is the longest y’all have gone without talking/working with that particular designer.

…how (if ever) did you resolve the issue?

I’m talking about major differences, not just another studio “pissing contest” so to speak.


Actually thats refreshing; it may solidify my decision to move on to another firm which has a more civil environment for designers to express differences with each other.

good comunication is the way to avoid arguements and to resolve them too

I think you should invite this other individual out for a drink and see if a little social camraderie doesn’t help

if that doesn’t work, you should aluminum foil his entire workspace early some morning

when i am taking a long shit…
maybe 10 minutes