Long Distance Rapid Prototype

Can anyone suggest any online companies such as www.3darttopart.com that deals with Stereolith or other rapid prototyping methods for a reasonable rate?

Can anyone suggest another company such as http://www.kraftfoods.com/om/ that makes great hot dogs for a reasonable price?

comments like this destroy core as a resourse.


not spam! I dont care about 3darttopart…Thats the only one I know! I need other resources.
Also poted in materials section, becasue I wanted to be taken seriously.

www.xpress3d.com - or something like that, they;re very cool not sure about the name though but either express3d or 3dexpress…
then there’s always QuickParts, not sure about their prices, but they have an amazing assortment of processes.

Search Google for Rapid Prototyping… there was a site with a TON of service bureaus