Long Beach State ID any good?

Who knows about Long Beach State kids? Are they coming out good over there??

Strengths?? Weaknesses???

I was going to ask the exact same thing.

Someone please be kind enough to give us feedback?

.it looks like you already have your answer.


check it out here

Yes, If the answer you are looking for is that the ID students at Long Beach are too busy with their projects and having lives to be cruising the Core77 discussion boards all day.

…good school but long beach is a total pit.

what does ‘total pit’ mean?

i think they mean it is not a very nice place to live… though i think there is quite a contrast between the cooler neighborhoods in long beach and the less desirable areas.

i imagine the person who left that comment is from nearby orange county, where homeless people are given a one-way bus ticket to LA.

Actually, your both right, there are some really bad areas in LB but that said, there are some really nice ones too, Naples, Belmont Shore, Downtown by the Marina, Ocean Blvd. The average house is 400,000-800,000 in one of the nicer areas like Belmont Shore and thats not considered the “expensive area”.

The area around the school is in a nice neiborhood unlike other schools lke say USC which is surrounded by poverty.

As for the design program, does not compeate with Art Center which is in Pasadena about 30 Miles away and in a city where names mean everything you might want to check both of them out in person.