London trend shopping trip photos

Some snaps from a London shops visit I made last month in case anyone is interested:

most of the shoes on there i would like to own!

q: whats the brand for this shoe?

Some very nice stuff! Thanks for sharing.

The pic you got above there is a newer version of the Reebok (RBK) Travel Trainer (note the Tt logo on the sidewall).

I have the original version, which is pretty much a neoprene sock with a minimal injected EVA outsole and some elastic lacing. Nice concept (packs flat and good for the plane), but for actually travelling (ie. long walks through airports), sucks. Orignal concept was actually that the shoes would be availble through vending machines in airports and the like. Never happened to my knowledge…

The one below though looks OK. RBK’s answers to a Nike Presto/Free, pretty much.


Hey Rich: Reebok claims that they actually did the “free” looking outsole first, though it was marketed for a different purpose. I think they are suing nike for that…


cool, thanks man!

hmm. never heard that, but ya, i think the original RBK travel trainer was before the Free came to market. About 5 years ago i think. here’s the original-

as you can see, the flex grooves in the outsole did double duty to hold the elastic lacing in storage form. nice detail.


^ Rich~

Hey, yeah- That’s exactly it! I had forgotten. Yes it was their foldable/rollable shoe. I don’t think they will win that suit because a patent has to be for a specific function it is made for and Nike’s was obviously for a much different reason. Anyway, thanks for posting that!

I heard about the Reebok/Nike thing too. It puzzled me because Reebok’s concept was for a travel friendly shoe that can be rolled up. Nike’s Free concpet on the other hand is a running shoe that is suposed to strengthen the muscles of the foot. Sounds BS but with Nikes huge marketing machine Free has become very successful. Very comfortable shoes though

I swear by my Nike Free. I have the 4.0 trainer (the one with the single big velcro strap) and they are my go to shoe for travelling. super comfy on the plane and walking around shopping and clean and minimal enough to “dress up”.

I got the white/black color (wite upper, black swoosh, silver strap) colorway, but cant find any pics of it online.


any idea on the name of these adidas?

Can’t remember the name but I bought another pair in the same line when I was there. The pair I have is without the lace cover and has a climbing rubber-like a base for the sole. There is no name on that one either except that it has a picture of someone doing martial arts on the insock so I’m guessing they are gym/studio/martial art shoes.

looks like that is part of the adi tae kwon do (however it is spelt) range…they made a great one a few years back with the Adi world cup esq stitiching over the toe box

awesome, thanks for sharing!

Ive been looking for that Adidas Studio Shoe everywhere and cannot find it. Can anyone point me the the right direction. I feel like Google has me going in circles.