London Design

I’m interested in coming to London to work in ID. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, but have an English passport, so thats no issue. I have 2+ years professional experience working in-house as a Product designer. I know in Australia we survived the GFC relatively unscathed and the job market has picked up again. I really want to get some international experience, but last time I was in the UK, it seemed that the job market was still very scarce. Are there any people on the inside there who could offer me advice on the best course of action in this regards.



IMHO The best thing to do to get yourself off the ground is to go through an agency, check out the design jobs on this agency’s site:
Many companies in London only put work through an agency - saves wading through lots of portfolios, give Adrem a contact and see what they say. Have an emailable portfolio prepared when you contact them, becuase they’ll probably want to see what you’ve done before anything else happens.

There are jobs being advertised week in week out, for a variety of employers all over the country.

Although London is I guess the UK hub of many industries, there are plenty of employers, great places and jobs elsewhere.

As stated previously, register with an agency or two (Careers in Design is another), register on as many employment sites as you can, and not just design specific ones.

Good luck, and post up how you get on!

great, thanks guys, gives me a place to get started