London Design Week

Is anybody here going this year? I am trying to get out there (business trip of course) and was wondering if any of you could recommend some highlights, areas, attractions to see etc. The website has SOOO much stuff on it its actually overwhelming to navigate.

I went last year… it was fun. The two main places I went were the 100% Design and then the Tent on Bricklane

100% was a large convention hall with 1-200 design related companies and independent designer mixed in. The apprentices from the Philip Stark show had an area set up. Lots of interesting furniture, fixtures, materials, electric bicycles, small products, etc.

Tent was a lot smaller but the work was more independent and the digital artwork area had some interesting interactive digital stuff, though not as edgy as I’ve seen made at the MakerFaire or BM.

In hindsight, I wish I would have made it to more of the studios… there were openings all over town.

Wow. The website is terrible - it certainly didn’t make me want to navigate through it…

I would second 100% Design and Tent. Not been to 100% for a couple of years, but it is a massive event and covers pretty much every area. I would say that 100% is more at the commercial end of the scale, Tent sits slightly more towards the arts and crafts end, but I actually prefer it and there (used to be) a few other gallery spaces open in the area that you can check out whilst you are there (and also the local curry houses for some post-exhibition re-energising).

This year I am also hoping to check out the Open House event that is running the weekend that the Design Festival starts (18/19th Sept). A whole range of buildings normally closed to the public are opening for free tours.