London - Design travel advice?

I’m super excited to be traveling to London for a few days before a trade-show this year -
I’d like to get my fill of London’s Design art and fashion while I’m there.

Can any locals offer advice on the right things to do and places to go?
Thanks !


Not a local, but do work for a design studio with a London-based HQ. They’re based in Shoreditch, which is quite a nice center of art and design (and pubs). Have to be at least two-dozen other furniture/art/design studios in the area, as well as a plethora of street art and local shops.

Not a local but some spots I like to check out:

Hi Joe as an ex local for design you should definitely head to East London for the Art and Design scene. Shoreditch is a fun and trendy area which is also close to Clerkenwell Road which houses a lot of the London arm of most design firms. The Vitra store is on Clerkenwell and also the IDEO London studio.

You should definitely check out the Design Museum - they’ll be the closet to having a collection focussed on ID. The Geffrye museum also documents the home and lifestyle changes of the last 400 years. Definitely head to the Conran shop like Michael/Yo said.

Although a little pricey Sketch has interesting decor if you want to head there for drinks. The bathroom is the most interesting with the cubicles being egg shaped pods placed around the room

Yo,Sketchgrad,Eddie -
Thanks you guys!
This is great. I’ll put these on my list for sure.

Looks like there’s a Paul Smith Exhibit at the Design Museum – that’s rad!
That reminds me, I’ll have to save some coin for some nicely cut threads.

Any other ideas cross your mind please let me know.


Head to the V&A as well, it usually has some cool stuff in there and it’s free!

Thanks JenJaw -
Just added V&A to the list - Super cool!

I’d certainly check out the Design Museum, the Tate Modern is then a shortish riverside walk from there.

The V and A is great, but huge, so might be worth seeing what areas take your fancy rather than trying to cram it all in.

The Royal College of Arts have some mid-term post-Grad shows coming up, not sure when you’re visiting but may be worth checking out.

Apart from what’s been mentioned:

the Imperial War Museum (it’s unfortunately closed until July)

and one of the best things I did was see the taping of a TV show at the BBC (but the Television Centre is no more):
third party companies do it as well, do you want to be inn the audience to see Top Gear?