London College of Fashion - Short Courses


Has anyone taken any of the short courses at London School of Fashion? If so I am really interested in hearing your experiences. How are the teachers, the environment and do you think you learnt something substantial - value for money?

I am thinking of taking courses related to handbag design. The following courses have caught my eye:
*Introduction to Handbag Design
*Pattern Cutting for Accessories
*Leather in Fashion I

Since I am not in the UK I can only take these courses when I visit in June/July. Otherwise I would have taken up Leather I and Leather II or Accessories Workshp (which seems to have everything I wanted to learn but starts in October).

Anyway, do you think these courses will be enuff to give me some kind of a headstart? I want to be able to design bags and either sew them myself or get them manufactured, have a few exhibitions and then may be once I have a basic portfolio (and some money :wink: ) I can try for the Cordweiner’s Accessory Course.

As for my background I have completed my MBA. I have been running my own website design company and designing sites for the past 5 years. I took up Polymer Clay Jewelry Designing as a hobby andthen sold some for around a year.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.


I was quite interested in doing some of those courses myself - I have a degree in footwear design, but I wanted to expand my skills and was considering the same courses.

Cordwainers has an excellent reputation - I’d say - go for it!

Thanx!! May be I’ll see you at the courses if I do sign up (and I most probably will :slight_smile: )


Do you think the 5days “Footwear Design Introduction” plus some self-study could be enough to land an internship? I do have a product design degree…

This course will introduce the student to the art of designing for the footwear market. In particular the course will address the concept of designing for a product that presents particular challenges to the designer where the requirement for the > practical > meets the call of fashion. Emphasis will be placed on the development of ideas, visual communication and illustration. A combination of lectures and workshops will enable you to gain an understanding of the design development process, the relevance of story/mood boards, range building, decoding trends and predictions. Drawing and presentation techniques will be introduced throughout the programme through a series of technical workshops.

There’s an other course called “Design for Shoes” at Central Saint Martins, maybe this one is better regarding my background?

Shoes have always been an integral part of any fashion story, conveying concisely the influences and moods of the era. This introductory course will include a history of footwear, an introduction to the > last> , drawing and designing for different types of footwear, presentation techniques, > sole design > and > upper materials> . The course ends with a practical design exercise to illustrate the interactive nature of footwear design and fashion with basic > construction > used in the footwear industry.