logo on vacuum molded parts

I designed a plastic cover to be made of shiny ABS sheet shaped by vacuum molding technique.
The product will be produced in about 100 pcs/month (not large quantity)
This material is delivered/processed with protective foil which we would like to keep on the surface until it is delivered to a customer.

The problem is that we need to apply a logo on the surface made of separate letters: made of finochrom:
and in that place we need to remove the protective foil. The molded part is about 140 x 65 cm (portrait), logo is 150x14mm placed in 1/5th from top edge.
But when we remove the original protective foil, we cannot put it back, there can be a little dust underneath, it is stretched, bubbles, etc. Simply not accteptable.

The question is: Is there any technique, trick, how to safely remove (partly) and apply new protective foil?
Or any idea how to nicely protect shiny plastic surface if we remove the foil?

Thanks for any ideas

without seeing the part.
a) Peel just the area you need. Start peeling on the edge and then use scissors or xacto knife or a safe cutter

to cut away the area making sure not to scratch the part. Then find a protective film to cover the exposed area.
b) Peel off the whole protective soil. Apply logo and then apply new protective foil/film/sheet. Google 3M or protective sheets/films

Have you talked to your vacuum former for suggestions? This is a typical second operation so they should have a process to protect the parts before shipping.

Good luck.

Hello, sorry for delay.
Thanks for your suggestions. We discussed the problem with vacuum former but he haven’t had this problem before. They are usually moulding surfaces with grain texture or shiny surfaces without placing a logo on it so they dont have to remove the protective foil.
a) Yes, we think about this solution but it doesn’t look very professional. We are afraid about little dust under the original foil which can get along the edge by peeling it out.
Thanks for your tip with safe cutter
b) This solution we would need probably another vacuum proces because of convex shape and central panel. This would make the proces much more expensive.

Here is how the shape looks like and where should be the logo placed