Logo Design Ideas: Critique

lol, wow relax we’re all friends here. What do you want me to say?

Maybe I took it the wrong way. It sounds like a comment I might have made! :blush:



wow I didn’t mean to start a crisis in the thread haha :laughing:

Thanks for all the input, its helping me a lot. I’ll post up round two either Wednesday or Thursday to see what you think. Thanks

A less formal font may freshen this up, especially with the butterfly representing re-birth, freedom, and youthfull-ness. The challenge here is to pick a font/typeface that isn’t too feminine nor too childish. Try using the butterfly flying away as an accent to the Y at the end of Serenity. Lower case “house” and go smaller than Serenity, with rehab patients the word house could carry negative connotations of poverty (poorhouse), social services (half-way house), drug use (crack house). Making that word lowercase in a friendly font could friendly-ize it more. Fun Stuff.

I think you’re thinking of this: