Logo Brainstorm

So I’m looking to redo the logo for my screen printing company. The name is Print Proper Inc. What elements illicit ideas and thoughts of “proper.” Top hat, monocle, cane ??? Should I include an image at all? All text via the company initials? I have a graphic artist, but I just need some direction. Also what are some timeless color schemes?

I am pretty sure that the point of these boards is to give feedback and answer concrete questions.
Not to do the work for you.
Without any visuals or more info about you, your customer base, your company size and so on, it is impossible to tell you if you should use a Top hat or not.

So why don’t you post some visualized ideas and your development so far so we have something to discuss?

In the mean time, check out the Brand New blog. It is a great branding and identity resource.

What don’t you like about your current logo? I like what you’ve got.

Maybe they’re looking for a logo mark design that doesn’t require 3D glasses to view properly. :slight_smile:

I just want to add that this post is not me trying to parade the “photoshop my product” idea in the general forum.

Yeah, actually I think the current one works except your company name would need to have the second word start with a “d”

Maybe the logo should “talk” about the basic colors used in printing? It has a bit of a computer-y feel though, maybe it should have a more hand printed feel to it, like a mis-register or something.

Sorry for being so vague guys.

The company is a screen printing shop. I like having a local feel and image, but I also do a lot of corporate work. The current logo is too generic and so are the colors. I’m thinking about sticking to neutral colors and black. I do everything by hand so I don’t want to come off as a cookie-cutter company. We go after a lot of indie companies, bust like I said, we do corporate work and jobs for schools. The office is based out of a NE city so I like having an urban feel. I’d like the logo to be 1 color so I can keep printing cheap and simple. It’s a pain when I have to do my own promotional stuff and use company resources for a multi-color job.

I don’t want anyone to make me anything, just want to hear from designers in the industry. What makes a logo timeless? What makes a logo speak?

I think that checking out Under Consideration’s “Brand New” blog, as somone already said, is the best thing for you to do.

Not trying to brush you off at all…it taught me a lot about logo design/branding and I truly reccomend reading it before designing a logo.

A single colour design is what I would do, for what its worth, not too sure about a top hat, though it could lead to a more interesting outcome than one based aroundthe initials PP.

I guess whatever you do, if you keep it simple and stay away from current trends/fashions, it shouldn’t become dated too quickly.

Here is the brand new link Brand New

Hope it helps.