Logo and Web design concept for my startup

I am running a startup called 2clouds. It is a cloud based file sending services which helps users send files directly from the web to their cloud storage accounts without needing to download. The language used will be to snap files into the cloud.
The logo and webpage design is still in concept stage. But it would be very helpful for me to take advice from you. I will improve this design recently. Thanks!

What is with all of these light graphics projects getting posted lately? Are you guys getting this forum recommended to you?

Why would the logo just literally not be 2 clouds?

This must be connected to the design feedback study from a few weeks back.

I recon, what we are looking at here are all those $70 designs that are supposed to be critiqued by the community.
Ironically, I feel we should get the 70 bucks for critiquing it as most if not all are comically misguided.

If this really is part of the study, it highlight a huge flaw. You will get what you pay for. In this case designs nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole.

I wonder actually if designers with too much time on their hands are taking this opportunity to have a bit of paid fun.

…of course, I might be completely wrong :wink: