Logitech Pop Keyboard

This old school style of mechanical keyboard has been gaining popularity in niche circles over the past couple of years. I see them on Pinterest and instagram all the time. It seems Logitech is trying to take the trend into the mainstream with this cute product.

Cute, but I wonder if it’s a cheap rejig of an existing keyboard just with new keys? Seems poorly executed.

The square key action switches below the round buttons totally kill it. I’m sure it’s some off the shelf part, but I’d think there has to be a way to have larger round keys or create some sort of silicone part in between the keys and levers to hide it (also looks like a crumb magnet). Looks like someone took a normal keyboard and replaced the keys with candies in some YouTube DIY “hack”.

The 80s colors of the purple one is nice. I could see this pushed even further memphis.

Emoji keys? Where’s my facepalm emoji key right now?

“logi” (still a terrible re-brand/brand name) in the middle of the spacebar also totally cheapens it.


I’d like a take like this-


It’s also tagging on the custom keycap trend. I can’t believe it, but I read about a company in Washington state that employs 4 people building molds and molding custom keycaps for key boards. That is their entire business!

yes, there are a lot of niche small batch makers making mechanical keyboards. It has been trending for quite a bit. This is the first time I’ve seen a large brand dip in with the old school mechanical switches. I know quite a few people that have a bunch of mechanical keyboards with custom key caps… I think part of the appeal is that they come from small brands. It will be interesting to see if Logi can make it a mass market trend.

Round keys are a non starter.

Nuphy Air75 is pretty cool. A lot of spec-dropping, thickness, action of keys etc.

I bought the Logitech MX Keys mini. Taking a bit to get used to, so far I prefer the older K810.

Companies like Ramaworks have been making these for a few years. One of the founders is an industrial designer: