Logitech Optical Mouse MX510 and MX518 - Manufacturing?

I’m trying to find out how the “craters” were made on the faceplate of the MX518 and the “crushed” effect was done on the MX510. Not sure what they look like? You can see pics at Amazon.com. What is the manufacturing process? Is it paint? Molded in decal? I’ve tried to contact Logitech and haven’t had much success. I would also like to here sugguestions on how to recreate the effect on models. I’m thinking airbrush?! Any information would be great!

hi whitney,

it’s a paint containing magnetic pigments. depending on the type, strength and positioning of the magnet(s) during the spray painting process, you can achieve all kinds of 3D-like effects.
check out for example the new Philips SmartTouch-XL shaver.


Hi Ray! Thanks for the reply. I hadn’t thought about magnetic paint. Do you know anything else about it. Where I can buy it? Who makes it…Dupont, PPG? I would love to get my hands on some and spray it.