Login problems

Hi all,

I’m on an old account that I don’t use because I can’t log into my normal one for some reason.

My login and password are right for my normal account, and I can log into the main landing page with all the articles, but I can’t log into the forums for some reason. When I try and click ‘login’ on the forum page, it redirects me to the ‘edit profile’ page of the main website and keeps me logged out of the forums.

When I do the same of this old account it logs me into both the forum and main site simultaneously.

Whats going on?

It should log you into both automatically. Can you screen cap any of the issues you are seeing? When it bumps you to the edit profile page, have you tried editing something like your signature, or location and saving to see if that rectifies it?

Its always logged me into both until Friday night, when it suddenly stopped working. I tried changing all of my details and even the image as you’ve suggested, as well as the password and login email, but nothing yet.

I’m logged into the main page:

Clicked “Discussion” in the header to get to the forum. Not logged in the forum:

Clicked login on the forum in top right corner as usual and get bumped to edit page.

The site is working completely normally for me otherwise. Perhaps a link has broken somewhere in the back-end? (I really hope I’m not missing something obvious haha). The result is the same when I log-out from the main page and try to log in directly from the forum.

Thanks. I’ll send this to the crew at HQ.

Thanks Yo.

sent it in last night, hopefully will hear something soon.

Hi there Bomb446. Your forum account was marked as “inactive” which was causing the problem. I reset it to “active” and it should be fine now. Not sure why you were set to inactive? Sorry for the problem.

Thanks! All working again.

If someone changes their email address within the board the account will become deactivated until they click the confirmation link in an email that the board sends to confirm the address change.

Did you change your email address Andy?

I did change it (and confirmed) to see if it would give me access again, but only after my account had already stopped working.