lock dims in SW sketcher

using SW2010… how do I lock dims in SW sketcher like in a Pro/E sketcher… forgive me for wanting to run solidworks like Pro/E but I can’t help it.

The closest thing I can think of to Lock/Unlock is Driven dimensions. Right-click a dimension and choose Driven. With Driven on, it will make it a reference dimension that can not be keyed in, but will update with changes to the geometry. With Driven off, it will be locked.

The closest way I can think of is to use the Equation function outside of sketcher to constrain the variable to a specific number. How can i assign that number to a parameter or an outside called out variable?

The closest second thing I have is to constrain the sketch to a previous sketch and do the exercise in two…

In sketcher, select the dimension that you want to lock. In the properties menu at left, click to the “Other” tab. Click the “Read-Only” check box under the “Options” heading. It is now locked an cannot be changed until you un-check the box.


Not sure if I am understanding your question correctly but if you simply smart dimension a line it locks that dimension.

If you want to lock a line or sketch component in a specific place, you can select it and click “fix” in the line properties menu.

If you want to lock the positions of an entire sketch, you can select the whole sketch, right click, and select, “fully define” This prevents the sketch from getting accidentally manipulated while you continue to work on the part.

Hope this has some relevance to your question and helps!

was really exited to try the read only… but when I drag the curve around the read only (locked) dims fluctuate still. No Big deal, just trying to push the tool for a specific modeling technique and workflow. It’s not detrimental or anything.

I am not understanding . . .

What dimension are fluctuating? The ones that have been marked “Read Only?” Mine do not change. In fact, when I drag any curve that has a dimension attached to it, the dimension remains the same – unless the dimension has been marked “Driven”

If your dimension are gray, they are driven. If they are black, they are not. If they are gray:

Right click on the dimension and make sure that it there is no check mark next to “Driven” Alternatively, go back to the “Other” tabbed and makes sure that the check box for “Driven” is empty.

Any luck?

I got it too sorta work with locking the dimensions into an equation to a specific value.

Sweet. I didn’t know that was there, good way to make key dimensions untouchable if you hand it off to a colleague. Just a shame it’s sort of hidden, I think some people will think the file is read-only or corrupt or something.